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Safety Tips

Denair Services – Roof Safety Tips 

We all know that working on a roof can be a dangerous place to work. Which is why every time you or your team access a rooftop you should consider roof safety and take every precaution to avoid hazards and dangerous situations.  

Roof Safety

With this in mind, we have put together a list of the top 8 safety precautions you and your team can take. 

  1. Do Not Work on the Roof Alone – This one is common-sense.  
  2. Roof Stability - Is the roof strong enough to support the weight? Are the trusses intact? Will the roof bow on a hot day?  
  3. Ladder Security and Placement - Make sure the ladder is on a solid, level surface. Is the ladder at a 4:1 angle? Is it secure? Is the top above the roofline and tied securely? Ensure you inspect your ladder and the area around it prior to commencing work. 
  4. Wear the Correct PPE – Always wear a safety harness and make certain it is tied to something sturdy. If you should slip, a harness will prevent you from falling off the roof. Of course, let us not forget the importance of sturdy boots, safety glasses and a hardhat. 
  5. Clean Up as You Go – Keep the site clear of debris and other objects. Remove any tools that are not being used as they can pose a danger. 
  6. Consider the Weather Conditions - If thunderstorms are in the area, put off your roof work until another day. Also avoid the roof if it is windy. A strong gust of wind could knock you off your feet. Of course, avoid walking on a roof when it is wet. Remember that leaves on a roof can also create a slippery surface. 
  7. Poor Line of Sight – Keep your eyes on the area you are working on to help prevent miss stepping or tripping. The view from the roof may be fantastic but getting distracted by it could be dangerous. Maintain a good line of sight so that you know where you are in relation to the roof’s edge.  
  8. Roof Holes – We are referring to unguarded skylights or poorly covered holes. Without the correct safety equipment and awareness of your surroundings, an open hole on a roof can be just as deadly as the roof’s edge. 

Roof Harness

Nowhere is work safety more important than when you plan to inspect or work on a roof. Ladders and steep roofs can be hazardous. Make sure you take all proper precautions before accessing your work area. For more information on roof safety visit Safe Work Australia. 

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