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Finished Project – Bundanoon

We love it when customers come to us requesting custom projects. Believe it or not, we do a little happy dance at the opportunity to utilize our fabrication and design skills.

This is exactly what happened when one of our local builders and contractors, approached us about his own home. Wanting to achieve a ‘Swedish Barn Look’ and stand out from the surrounding homes, he asked what we could do to help him out.

Bushfire specifications meant the options were limited with only a choice of hardwood cladding, fibre cement, which would also have to be painted, or a coated steel cladding product.

Our solution?


COLORBOND® steel cladding won this battle due to there being a lot less maintenance required, as well as the tested and trusted longevity of its coating.

Denair Services designed and manufactured an interlocking panel from COLORBOND® steel Manor Red, with concealed fixing clips.

Why Custom?

While there is a similar product available ‘off-the-shelf’, we wanted to ensure that the project was completed effectively and efficiently when it came to time and the budget.

Custom making the panels meant that we could determine the sheet sizing as well as ensuring that the manufacture and supply met the required deadlines of the build. Of course, there was also the request for concealed fixings, where we used a simple flat clip that was manufactured in our workshop and was fixed off and hidden by the next sheet.


We were able to meet our client’s request because we know our products and have the facilities on-site to be able to produce the changes without waiting for a ‘big manufacturer’ to turn them around. The profiles created in this project can be achieved using any of the colours in the COLORBOND®  range as well as the colours and textures from Unicote’s LUX range. There is also the scope for a wide variety of customization options when it comes to the width of the sheet, the width of the gap between sheets, as well as depth.

We think the photos and the finished product speak for themselves, but what are your thoughts?


Get in touch with our team today if you are looking for an ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ solution for your next project.

Belmore Falls Construction Project

Our team love being able to share our finished projects with you, but… what about those projects that are underway and take a longer period to finish?

One such project is a property that is currently under construction in Belmore Falls. Located in the Southern Highlands just outside Robertson, Belmore Falls is a beautiful bush area, that is known for its natural beauty, however it does have its own specific considerations when it comes to construction.

The first consideration is that all buildings must meet the standards for bush fire ratings. What does that mean? If your property is located in a designated bushfire prone area, your new home has to comply with the bushfire construction requirements of AS 3959-2009. Which means that the construction materials need to be non-combustible and fire resistant.

So, back to the project at hand. The construction is being completed over 3 stages by the wonderful builder, P.M. White Building. Speaking with the team from PM White, they have noted that this is one of their biggest projects to date but they are loving watching it all come together.

The three stages for the build are the garage, barn and guest house, and the main home.

During stage 1 we were able to partner with PM White Building to provide the guttering and custom mitered downpipes, as well as the wall cladding for the garage. The material of choice for this stage has been Unicote LUX Weathered Iron.

Stage 2 was focused on the construction of the barn and guest house. Not your usual outback building, measuring at close to 50 metres long the roofing utilised the Unicote Monolith Matte 480mm wide snaplock standing seam roofing, and a whooping 200mm half round gutter with custom mitered downpipes.

The roof on the Barn building also featured four cupola’s which were prefabricated on the ground with their own small roof, and then were hauled up onto the main roof and put in place.

Of course, being a little unusual and needing to stand the test of time we suggested the use of Proclima Solitex Extasana membrane onto plywood for the roofing. It’s a vapour permeable (class 4) self-adhesive membrane and has shown to be lighter than other membrane products on the market. The Solitex Extasana is also a 180 day UV resistant membrane that can be left in open air, as it is water tight, weather safe and UV resistant without compromising the structural integrity. This meant that our roofers could install the roofing sheets a week, or even month or two after the membrane had been installed, allowing the builder to continue with interior construction without the weather prohibiting progress.


Stage 3 is under way with the earthworks for the basement happening as we go live with this blog. We look forward to bringing you more updates and photos as the project nears its completion.

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